2021 Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale

October 9th, 2021 @ 12 NOON EDT

Frederick County Fairgrounds

797 East Patrick Street

Frederick, MD  21705-0604


Pre-Viewing on Friday, October 8th 5pm - 8pm 


Come and join us for a GOAT BBQ Lunch prior to the sale! 



Auctioneer:  Linford Berry      Commentator:  Josh Stephans           Online Bidding: DV Auction   

Catalog:  Is live Goatpromoter.com!!!  Direct link is:  https://goatpromoter.com/sale-catalogs/fallintocolors/


Transport options are available!  Click on "Transport Info" tab for additional information.


 Look at the upper left section of the map.  Buildings 27 & 28 is where the sale goats will be kept.  Sale is held in Small Livestock Show Arena off of buildings 27 & 28.