Transport options are available and vary with each consignor.  Ultimately, transportation is the responsibility of the BUYER. Consignors will hold your purchase at their respective farms for 2 weeks without charge while you make transportation arrangements. For additional time, please contact the consignor PRIOR to the conclusion of the sale.  Cost of transport and any additional veterinary charges associated with another certificate or testing is the responsibility of the buyer.

Professional Haulers:

Premier Hauling Service LLC (Joe):   (325) 280-6277

Jonathan Lippert:   (703) 595-5405

Blarney Heights Transport:   (406) 544 -9219

5 Star Livestock Transport (Amy Sporna) :   (630) 962-8737

 Powers Livestock Transporting (Travis)(806) 241-3503

Consignor Contact Info:

Ashs Boer Goats ~ WVA~ (Ashley & Jeremy Jenkins) 304-864-3927

Ebb Tides Boer Goats ~ VA~ (Joseph & Joy Zuchel) 757-710-1420 (Jody) & 757-710-1761 (Joy)

Feliciano Boer Goats ~RI~ (Lou & Astra Feliciano) 401-486-1836

Gobbler's Knob Boer Goats ~ MD~ (Claude & Tara, McIntosh) 301-748-7483 (Claude)

Land of Grace Farm ~PA~ (Phil & Sharon Fullerton) 717-689-0010

Losch's Ridge View Farm ~PA~ (Sherrie & Stu Losch) 717-994-4482 (Sherrie)

Mayne Boer Goats ~ MD~  301-676-6275

Ox Creek Boer Goats ~NY~ (Julie & Zach Stellingwerf) 315-598-5102

Peaceful Pastures Boer Goats ~PA~ (James & Lori Miller) 484-668-1114

Pond Meadow Farms (PMF3) ~CT~ (Pat Torna) 860-428-3000

Southern Hollow Boer Goats ~PA~ (Bill, Lisa, & Sarah Rehmeyer) 717-825-1641

Twisted Cedar Boer Goats ~ OH~ (Josh & Chelsea Pipenger) 937-459-8075