Sale Conducted by Auctioneer: 
Should any dispute arise from the taking of bids, the auctioneer's decision will be final. This catalog is believed to be accurate as of the date of printing. Additions, substitutions, and deletions may be posted to any future edition of this catalog. Announcements from the ring will take precedence over the printed material in the catalog! 

Cash, cashier's check, traveler's check, business or personal check with a bank letter of guarantee at the time of the sale unless satisfactory credit arrangements have been made prior to the sale. American Express, Visa, Master Card & Discover will be accepted. There will be a 4% Buyer's premium added to any credit card purchases. If a Buyer fails to settle for his/her purchase, the Seller(s) then have the right to sell the goat(s) publicly or privately, without further notice. All settlements must be made with the clerks of the sale before any goats will be released. 

Internet Buyers & Phone Bidders: 

Please plan in advance and register online if you plan to bid via DV Auction. All internet bidding is subject to DV Auction's terms and conditions. Phone bids are an option, but need to be planned in advance.

PHONE BIDS:  John 571-330-9034, Astra 401-486-1836, Julie 315-243-8841. 

SETTLEMENT: 540-476-3309.

Certificates of Registry: 
Registration papers will be furnished to the Buyer for each goat purchased. Internet Buyers will be mailed the Registration papers. Those paying by cash or a credit card that has been processed will be given the Registration papers the day of the sale. Buyers paying by check will receive a copy of the registration paper and mailed the original Registration after their check clears the bank. Buyer is responsible for sending in the paperwork to their registry of choice and paying any fees associated therewith. 

Health Certificates: 
Health Certificates will be provided by the Seller for each goat.   Each goat will also come with a recent NEGATIVE CAE & Johnes report.


Bucks are guaranteed to be breeders. Should any buck seven (7) months of age or over, fail to prove a breeder after being used on does known to be breeders, the matter shall be reported in writing to the Seller within five (5) months following date of purchase or seller will then have the right and privilege of three (3) months to prove the buck is a breeder. No guarantee is given that semen collected from the buck will freeze. The Seller is not responsible for damage caused by foreign bodies after the animal has been sold or of sickness not apparent at sale time. 

Does are guaranteed to be breeders. In the event a doe twelve (12) months or older is claimed to be a non-breeder, after being bred regularly to a buck known to be a breeder, the matter must be reported in writing to the seller within five (5) months of the sale date by the time the female is 19 months old, if purchased prior to her first birthday.. Seller shall have six (6) additional months in which to prove any such females a breeder and may use any registered buck of the breed available to him/her. Any female returned will be at the purchaser's risk. No guarantee is given that a pregnant female will deliver live kids or that she will carry kids full term nor the kids carried will not be mummified. Seller is not responsible for damage caused by foreign bodies after the female has been sold for sickness not apparent at sale time. 

Exception to Guarantee: 
In case where the goat is subject to any hormonal or surgical reproduction techniques after the sale, this guarantee is null and void. 


Transportation charges on goats returned to the Seller are the responsibility of the Buyer. No incidental expenses such as feed, care, AI signing fees, interest, veterinary charges, etc., will be charged by either party when making settlement. If Seller is successful in proving the animal in question to be a breeder, then said animal will be reclaimed by the Buyer at his/her expense. Should the Seller fail to so prove the animal a breeder, then Buyer is guaranteed a satisfactory replacement, F.O.B. Ranch or location or origin or a refund of the actual purchase price paid F.O.B. selling point. In no event shall Seller be responsible for more than the purchase price. 

Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of Buyers, neither the Sales Management, Auctioneer or Seller assumes any responsibility in this matter and disclaims any liability legal or otherwise in the event of accident or loss of property. 

Rights and Obligations: 
The above terms and conditions of the sale shall constitute a contract between the Buyer and Seller and be equally binding to both. Resale of animals following purchase in this sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the two parties connected thereto are not covered by the terms and conditions of this sale. 


Ultimately, transportation is the responsibility of the BUYER. Consignors will hold your purchase at their respective farms for 2 weeks without charge while you make transportation arrangements. For additional time, please contact the consignor PRIOR to the conclusion of the sale.  Cost of transport and any additional veterinary charges associated with another certificate or testing is the responsibility of the buyer. Click on “Transport Info” tab for contact information on haulers and consignors.

NO GOATS WILL BE LOADED UNTIL THE SALE IS OVER. Thanks for your patience and understanding!